Skegness is so bracing poster illustration

Skegness is so bracing poster illustration

This is an illustration for a work colleagues birthday card in the style of the famous GNR Skegness is SO bracing poster.

If you’re not familiar with Skeggy Man, it’s a poster that was used to promote the seaside town of Skegness by the Great Northern Railway Company in 1908. Known as the Jolly Fisherman, the original was painted by John Hassall and bought by GNR for 12 guineas. Whilst the poster itself became an emblem for the town and and a great example of the classic GNR advertising, Hassall died penniless.

original 1922 Skegness is so bracing poster by John Hassall

These days, Skegness is known best for quality such as this:

The How I Done It Gif

Animated version of Skegness is so bracing illustration

Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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