Naked rugby players illustration commission

Naked rugby players illustration

This commission was done for a young lady who is not only keen on nudie rugby players with no clothes on, but is an actual rugby player herself.

As you can see the picture oozes sheer masculinity and a rippling sexuality hitherto unseen in my illustration work before. I based the scene on one of those charity calenders that come out every year with buff rugby players doing things like just casually hanging out somewhere that happens to be a bit greasy and well lit. “What’s that?” they say. “Well I just happen to be back from work at my part time job at the chip shop, and now I’m casually reclining in just my pants next to three 1000w studio lights, it’s no big deal”.

This is certainly the most homoerotic thing I’ve ever drawn, considering the usual twaddle that I draw. I’m also wondering how it will affect my search rankings and whether I get another type of visitor like I get for my Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest photos who search for wet women in lycra or muddy wet men in trainers (hello to that particular forum!).

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Naked rugby players illustration animated gif

Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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