Max Rebo from Star Wars Return of the Jedi cooking up a storm

Max Rebo from Star Wars illustration

Everyone remembers Max Rebo the funny blue elephant man from Return of the Jedi. He and his band mates had a cushy gig knocking out some tunes for Jabba the Hutt and his cronies on Tatooine until that fateful day when a young farmer and his sister blew up the bosses wheels and nearly everyone inside it. This also follows up my Admiral Ackbar illustration so I could turn this into a series.

The Max Rebo Band were known as talented jizz-wailers (yes, that is an actual thing that’s written down in the Star Wars Universe by someone) and their background is a series of Spinal Tap misadventures involving assassination attempts from rival bands, inadvertently couriering bombs to Jabba’s rivals and several explosions.

It has not gone unnoticed that Max Rebo was a fan of the pie. According to the Wookieepedia entry, Ortolians are fabulous gluttons and are driven by food so it’s not really a surprise that post-Jabba’s demise he even set up his own restaurant chain called Max’s Flanth House. Essentially he is the Greg Norton of the Star Wars Universe, except without the splendid moustache.

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The How I Done It Gif

In this picture, Max is depicted knocking up a fine fried breakfast which Nien Numb is casting a critical eye over like an intergalactic Gregg Wallace. Here’s the stages of how it was put together.

Max Rebo from Star Wars illustration

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