Fallout 4 illustration

Fallout 4 illustration

This Fallout 4 illustration features one of the most desired endurance perks, which gives you the skill of sitting in your pants in the dark in front of the telly and not having to move for non-essential activities such as emptying ones bladder. This was put together for a Way of the Rodent article, which may or may not still happen (don’t hold your breath though).

If you’re not familiar with the Fallout series of games, they’re a shooty RPG game set in a post-apocalyptic Americana future in which you spend 80% of your time rummaging through old desks and filing cabinets looking for lawnmower parts that you can glue to a stick and beat to death the mutants who only want to borrow a cup of sugar off you. You can also make friends with a nice doggy and spend a lot of time running away from giant flies that gob at you.

The game has a series of perks that you develop throughout the games which gives you different skills and this forms part of your personality over time. They’re all illustrated by a cheeky little blonde chap in a blue suit doing various things, such as rooting through a cabinet to get some paint tins, or patting a friendly doggy.

I’ve not played Fallout 4 yet as my machine will probably struggle with it. Having had a look at the screenshots it certainly looks a lot less brown than Fallout 3 – this one looks a bit bluer. From what I’ve read as well, there’s also a frustrating (but optional) micro management bit where you build settlements and set up trade routes for the dim NPCs – Nathan Ditum has an entertaining rant about it on this episode of World O Stuff episode.

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Fallout 4 illustration development

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