Jake and Joe, the UK Eurovision 2016 entry

Eurovision illustration commissions

Here’s a selection of illustrations I drew for a food company for their Eurovision 2016 coverage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The brief was to create caricatures of several of the contestants and presenters with a link to food in some way. I also doodled along with the program on my Instagram. Quite a few other artists do this every year, one of my favourites being John Allison of Bad Machinery.

Jake and Joe, the UK entry - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

Jake and Joe - UK

This bum fluff bearded duo are the UK entry, two former contestants from The Voice who teamed up after meeting backstage. Looking like Granny’s favourites, they are essentially Eoin McLove from Father Ted split into two. This is actually a half decent song, usually the stuff that the UK sends is a right load of shite. At least they didn’t come last.

Here they enjoy that classic British meal, a bucket of rank chicken from that place near the cab stand.

Graham Norton, the UK presenter - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

UK Presenter Graham Norton

The natural heir to Terry Wogan, ably backed up by Mel Giedroyc and Scott Mills. I originally drew Graham slurping wine from a giant glass but had to tone it down a bit to suggest he wasn’t drinking on the job.

Here is Graham blathering on about what he does in his tiny cupboard.

Amir, the French entry - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

Amir - France

This seemed to be a likely top five finisher. It’s got that We’re All In This Together Eurovision vibe, a nice video and doesn’t seem to be reliant on the back projection like a lot of this years contestants copying the last years winner.

Amir is enjoying a fabulous plate of duck and chips.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, the German entry - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Germany

Cutesy, kawaii-styled German entry who won The Voice of Germany. Interesting look, pretty dull song, came last.

Jamie-Lee enjoys some bratwurst and pretzels.

Nicky Byrne, the Irish entry - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

Nicky Byrne

Nicky used to be in Westlife. According to my inside source in Dublin: “…he’s such a fucking rat, they usually hold auditions but he’s mates with RTE so they just gave him a free pass. Tosser.” Nicky didn’t get past the semi-finals, so he and his botoxed forehead watched from home.

Nicky is cooking Coddle, “which is muck but they don’t do it anywhere but here.”

Mans Zemerlow and Petra Mede - Eurovision 2016 illustrations

Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw

This year’s contest was in Sweden so it meant that one of the best presenters of recent years Petra Mede was back. Unlike the leaden work from last year (Conchita Wurst excepted), she and last years winner Måns Zelmerlöw acted like pros, looked like they were actually having fun and held everything together. The way that the voting was reorganised this year split into the judges then phone vote brought some actual tension in and not reducing it to a snoozy dragged out affair. The only thing that bogged it down slightly was Justin Timberlake. His half time show was fine, but it just felt like it was another stop on a press tour to plug his new film and it didn’t quite click with the atmosphere.

Petra and Måns are enjoying a well earned big pie.

The How I Done it gif

Jake and Joe Eurovision illustration animated gif

Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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