Stages of David Bowie illustration by Ed Clews

Stages of David Bowie illustration

I’ve only gone and drawn the Thin White Duke in some of his various guises from the last few decades.


Ziggy Stardust (top left): Probably the look most people associate with Bowie, few realise that the zig zag was a carefully crafted promotional piece for the Met Office.

Jareth from Labyrinth (top right): The pinnacle of an admittedly wobbly directioned acting career, Dave prances his way through this Sunday afternoon favourite and just about gets away without being outacted by muppets.

Modern Love cover (bottom right): Adopting a look once described by David Quantick as having ‘hair like a scrambled egg’, this period of Dame Dave was a commercial return to form. He achieved this by working with Nile Rodgers out of Chic, having danceable hits and always having a nice mug of tea to hand.

Heroes album cover (bottom left): Dave unsuccessfully tries to flag down a bus whilst stood next to the Berlin Happy Shopper.

Brucie Bonus: Laughing Gnome (middle): I faintly remember Stuart Maconie over-excitedly announcing Bowie was returning for an encore on Radio 1 at the Phoenix Festival with Goldie and they proceded to do a junglist version of the Laughing Gnome. To this day I can’t work out if it was a wind up or not.

Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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