Man trail running in green Adidas Terrex jacket alongside a river in England

I finally got round to working on a running photo session with a former workmate Chris (star of Snap Band Mega Slap) and his friend Hannah.  We’d spent all summer trying to get it together to work on it but kept missing each other due to one thing or another but eventually got it sorted. We spent an amiable few hours sprinting up and down the paths in and around the Nidd Gorge in Knaresborough, at the same time possibly waking up some camping stoners earlier than they thought they’d be up on a Sunday.

The idea behind the shoot was to assemble something similar to a kit photo session for a trail running magazine. Trail running events are slowly growing in the UK, not as much as in the States but getting larger all the time. These usually range in length from 5-10k up ultras like the West Highland Way Race. We’d feature male and female runners wearing different types of trail running shoes and clothing - nearly all Adidas and Nike in this case but Salomon, New Balance and Inov8 are also big brand names in this area. I’d already done a recce of the area a few months before when I made a short video of the Nidd Gorge for a piece for a job interview, and I’m also very familiar with the area already having grown up just down the road.

The shoot itself went great. It wasn’t the brightest of days but I shot with a Canon 550D and an off camera flash and the Canon lets you get away with a higher ISO than usual (although it becomes noticeable with more noise on flat black/grey areas but this can be worked around).

More photos can be seen here on my Flickr page

Girl trail running in the UK in Nike running clothing

Trail Running Session (7 of 27)

Couple trail running next to a river in the UK in Nike and Adidas clothing

Girl trail running in the UK

Woman running across a bridge in woodland during a running session in England

Man in adidas trail shoes and clothing running across a bridge in the UK

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