Skeldergate Espresso are a new coffee shop set up in Skeldergate in York (who’d a thunk it).  They’re just out of town so it’s not crammed with tourists, there’s no idiots with massive prams smashing them into your ankles and the coffee is made by a giant steampunk R2D2.

They also do a large range of juices fresh juices (including one that looks like a pint of blood), fresh cakes, toasties and jacket potatos for your luncheon and porridge for breakfast.  There’s comfy seating and free WiFi so you can loaf until your heart’s content

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A large juice at Skeldergate Espresso.

The Elektra coffee maker.

A freshly poured cappuccino.

Seating at Skeldergate Espresso.

Pantone Mugs at Skeldergate Espresso.

An espresso being poured on the Elektra.

The Elektra Coffee Machine at Skeldergate Espresso.

Coffee Grinders.

Cakes at Skeldergate Espresso.


Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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