I had a recent trip with the family across the Yorkshire Moors to Robin Hood’s Bay, a small fishing village just further down the east coast from Whitby and nearish to Scarborough.  It has many tight winding passages leading to full of picture box cottages (lots of which are up for sale if you want to grab one) and generally gives you the feel of being taller than you really are - much like being Sweetums on the set of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.  It’s smaller and less touristy than the nearer towns but still quite popular due to its biscuit-tin cover looks and also being the end of the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk and a stop on the Cleveland Way.

I’ve been several times, stopping at the Youth Hostel at Boggle Hole up the road on holidays in the 80’s and having a few nights out with my mates a few years after that. My favourite pub there is Ye Dolphin which is nearish the beach and split into several levels. Last time I went there was a rotund barman that resembled Chris Moyles, intensely sticky carpets, fantastic sweaty hot pies and upstairs a jukebox that played nothing beyond 1960 and nothing you actually picked so you were treated to a medley of Link Wray and Adam Faith records.  This time fifteen years later the barman and carpet still looked the same and the jukebox had gone - instead there was a folk festival upstairs with a three piece American band playing Cajun and Bluegrass.

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Path to the museum in Robin Hood's Bay

Steps to the Seawall in Robin Hood's Bay

Seawall at Robin Hood's Bay

Street Corner in Robin Hood's Bay

Houses and Benches outside cottages in Robin Hood's Bay

Cottage in Robin Hood's Bay

Cake Rock on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay

Seaweed in a rock pool at Robin Hood's Bay

Cliff Path to Boggle Hole


Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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