National Tube Stockholders photography

National Tube Stockholders (or NTS) are a steel stockholders in Dalton near Thirk in North Yorkshire, part of the Bianco Group which has over 20 steel stockholders companies over the world. They supply structural, hydraulic, line pipe and mechanical tubing for a range of industries including offshore oil and gas, construction and manufacturing. It can be used for anything from laid pipe in the North Sea to chrome hydraulic pipe used in pneumatic digger arms and piping.

Aspect were asked to come up with an updated look and design for all their literature, brochures, letterheads, business cards and website. I shot images of the tube stock and staff for brochures that we worked on at Aspect Design. Each brochure was sectioned for a certain area: structural, hydraulic, mechanical, line pipe and composite products and contain up to date listings of tube weights, diameters and masses and also specifications for each type of tube.

Shot for Aspect Design, art direction by Jonathan Rayfield.

Measuring a cut tube

Measuring a cut tube at National Tube Stockholders

Tube stock

Square and elliptical tube stock at National Tube Stockholders in Dalton

Loading tube at NTS

Loading tube at NTS

Fork Lift

Structural tube stock at NTS

Behringer saw at National Tube Stockholders

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