Kebab illustration

Food illustration in a kebab stylee

One of the most glorious culinary delights of the table is explored in this food illustration. Based on an actual incident! Well, less incident, more of a thing that just happened after needing some meaty sustenance after a boozy wedding party and fairly wobbly late night trip across London on the Tube.

This one was so lustily desired by the recipient of said kebab so much that they laid on a sofa and slowly swallowed it in a slow, gluttonous maneuverer that enabled them to wrap their jaws round the largest doner we could find. If you can imagine one of those time lapse videos of a python eating a goat, you’re on the right track.

Kebabs are great. There’s nothing better after a rambunctious night out than a big dollop of meat clarted with yoghurt, garlic and chilli sauce.

Unfortunately where I live at the moment there’s a dismal lack of decent kebabs to be had. Although York is going through a massive foodie explosion with new restaurants opening by the day and that fancy Deliveroo service appearing recently, when it comes to foods further down the glamour pyramid it peters out somewhat. Maybe this could be the next niche food to appear in York in some sort of food truck, as we already have plenty of broths and burgers curated by bearded artisans with sleeve tattoos and turn-ups.

The How-I-Done-Made-It Gif

Animated work in progress gif of kebab food illustration

This was created in Photoshop similar to my other food illustration work like Admiral Ackbars Kebab and the Chef Snail.


Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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