People riding cats illustration by Ed Clews

Cat illustration commission

The Internet loves cats. People love their cats.

Best of all, people love pictures of their cats so I was delighted to draw a cat portrait for Benn Cordrey of his parents and their two cats for Christmas.  The idea was to have Carol and Geoff riding their cats into a psychedelic sky similar to the one they ride unicorns about in Anchroman.  After the original painting I changed up some of the details to make the sky lighter and amended some colour sections of the cats to reflect their patterning a bit more.


As the person who commissioned the picture, I was delighted with the outcome. Ed created a beautifully weird, characteristically quirky picture for my parents (that's them riding the cats. In space.) and they both loved it. Plus Ed was very accommodating to suggestions throughout the process. He's lovely.



Alternative version without the amends

Benn Cordrey cat portrait by Ed Clews - Purple Version


If you fancy getting your own illustrated portrait - it could be a cat, horse, monkey, gila monster or even a person, then drop me a line

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