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I love puzzle games. Of all the genres, it’s definitely my favourite. Of all the games I’ve gotten over the last six months including The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, No Man’s Sky and Doom, I’ve had far more fun out of things like Samarost 3, FTL and The Witness.

However, I am also terrible at games. I usually play everything on the Easy setting (or turn the hardness down after I get stuck), I go through things in short spurts and loose attention with a lot of them. I’ve not got a great deal of spare time, so puzzle games suit me great as you can whip through them in small chunks.

All of these three games fit under the Looks Ace, Is Nails category of puzzlers. I’ve gotten as far as I can with them to this point but I’ll be hopping in and out of them for months.

She Remembered Caterpillars

A charming switch game, this involves encouraging different coloured fungi to jauntily skip across bridges onto platforms before they twizzle away into the next level. Fungi can be merged together to form different colours. The design is lush and very mystical looking, it reminds me of the Samarost series with lots of organic touches (the creators have dubbed this fungipunk). There is a story that leads you along between levels but I didn’t really follow along - it doesn’t really matter that much.

I found this to be bloody hard but never frustrating. It takes a while sometimes to work out the routes but it never outstays its welcome. It’s quite nice just to sit and soak up the artwork while you work out the solution.

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Cosmic Express

AKA Space Trains - you have to draw out little train routes for commuting aliens and get them to their stations. Different aliens match up to different stations, so Mr Orange Octopus has to get to his business breakfast before you pick up Purple Blob to go to work in travel agents. There’s a spread of different galaxies to work through with around 12 puzzles in each.

SWEET JESUS THIS IS HARD. I’ve gotten proper stuck on some of the levels but it’s never been a grind and I can always pop off to another area to think about a different route.

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Loot Rascals

Loot Rascals is a card game disguised as an RPG. Your cheeky robot pal bins your spacecraft on a planet and you have to rescue Big Barry who is the pilot computer (I think, I’m not quite sure). Biffing up baddies drops cards which you then shuffle about in a deck to make the most of your attack and defense. Unlike the other two games, this is entirely randomly generated although you can replay the seeds that are generated. It looks utterly fantastic. The gorgeous artwork is a mish mash of kids telly and Tiki art (the music sounds a bit similar to Tiki/Googie enthusiasts The Gentle People records).

In a way it can be less hard than the other two but only if you get lucky with how the card drops and monsters spawn. It does have quite a lot of replay value though. If you’ve played FTL or similar then you know it’s the sort of thing that can turn from a quick 10 minutes to up to an hour of sessions.

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Hardness ranking:

  • Cosmic Express: teeth grindingly cute
  • She Remembered Caterpillars: charmingly frustrating
  • Loot Rascals: cheekily exasperating

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