Free colouring in pages for adults and kids - UPDATED!

In the spirit of my Bake Off Colouring Book illustration for Zimbio, here’s some of my illustrations for you or your kids to do some colouring in with. Featuring David Bowie, Prince, Jon Snow, The Beatles, Great British Bake Off, some monsters from Star Wars and Father Ted. Simply right click, save, print out and get scribbling.

Looking for more patterny stuff? Try giving Carlton Hibbert’s Patterns for Colouring a whirl.

David Bowie and his Massive Troos

David Bowie does the washing up

Stages of David Bowie


David Lynch

Dog directions aka that painting from Goodfellas

Father Ted

Great British Bake Off Food Fight

Getting the shopping in with Eddie Hall

Jon Snow knows nowt

Star Wars - Max Rebo and Nien Numb cooking

Star Wars - Admiral Ackbar eating a kebab

Pete Doherty eating a massive fry up

Prince in Purple Rain

Stucc in doggs

The Beatles in Yellow Submarine

Vic and Bob

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