Could this be a list of the best film directors in the world? Seven of the best contenders feature here. This is a personal project of a series of illustrations featuring movie directors - David Lynch, John Landis, Martin Scorsese, John Waters, Terry Gilliam and Tony and Ridley Scott.  I’ve planned a second set to follow.

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David Lynch from my film directors illustration series

David Lynch

David Lynch is finally making a return with the new Twin Peaks series in 2016 2017.

John Landis from my film directors illustration series

John Landis

John Landis is always worth a watch. Having worked in the movie industry since the mid sixties, he’ll happily talk (reasonably) honestly about the best and worst aspects of the film business. Watch this nearly three hour interview with him (or stick it on in the background when you’re doing your ironing). Also take a look at this excellent Fear on Film interview with him, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg from 1982.

John Waters from my film directors illustration series

John Waters

Although he hasn’t made any films for bloody ages, The Peoples Pervert (TM) John Waters is busier than ever what with hitchiking around America and preaching the joys of filth to graduating students.

Martin Scorsese from my film directors illustration series

Martin Scorsese

With each new film release these days, Martin Scorsese seems to have an ever increasingly larger pair of spectacles. He must have a collection that puts Estelle Getty’s to shame.

Terry Gilliam from my film directors illustration series

Terry Gilliam

Watch Terry Gilliam and John Landis hang about in a cemetery, get told off and have a nice dinner.

Tony and Ridley Scott from my film directors illustration series

Tony and Ridley Scott

Although they’ve both got different styles, both the Scott brothers make highly stylised films that set out to entertain audiences first. Tony Scott used to get duffed up in the press for being the more shamelessly populist of the two (although this seems to have been revised since his death), but you could argue that he has been the more influential of the two on modern mainstream movies.


Updated: - written by Ed Clews

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