David Lynch Twin Peaks 2016 illustration

Twin Peaks 2016 negotiation demand list

Earlier this year, there was much rejoicing when it was announced that Twin Peaks would be coming back to the telly after twenty five years. Both Mark Frost and David Lynch were back on the project, and gradually over time it was announced that most of the original cast members would be returning.

But then disaster struck. David Lynch announced, slightly coyly, that he wasn’t going back due to “complications” (read: sticky contract negotiations), and there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on the internets, mainly directed at Showtime who are stumping up the cash for the new series.

BUT THEN! David Lynch was back in. Mainly thanks to a strong effort by the original cast members and an army of Twitter fans, a deal was done which Lynch will come back to direct more than nine hours of episodes than was originally going to be produced. And lo, the internet went back to rejoicing again.

But what were these complicated demands in David Lynch’s contract negotiations that needed to be met? I can exclusively reveal this list below:

David Lynch’s negotiation demand list for Twin Peaks 2016 exclusively revealed

Now that it’s back on will we finally get an answer to the question that’s on everyone’s lips: is Josie Packard still stuck in that doorknob and what has she been doing to occupy her time?

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