Vampire sloth illustration

Here’s a new illustration for Halloween of a terrifying vampire sloth. Quake in fear as he slowly ambles towards you with lust in his eyes and thirst in his belly. BLOOD he cries, I WANT YOUR BLOOD. Or not, because he’s a sloth and it turns out they make this sort of noise - like a dog toy you’ve accidentally stood on.

Illustration news

I also realise I haven’t published anything for a while, since June in fact when I did this Falling video. This is because:

a) I’ve been ridiculously busy at my day job

b) I’ve been enjoying having a social life and a well earned holiday

I have however created a fair few illustrations which I’ll be putting up in the next month or so.There is also some illustration work coming up for my day job which I’ll shove up once I get the go-ahead, and also some work of which I can’t post about until at least Autumn next year.

I’ve also got a game with a friend in the works which will take a fair while, especially since he’s had to get a wedding sorted. There’s a fair old bit of drawing and finishing to do, but I’m very looking forward to finishing it and seeing how it’s received.

Basically, everything is on a slow boil that will cumulate in a tasty gravy of illustration work.

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