This snail illustration started as something else for another piece of work that will see light hopefully towards the end of summer in print. There’s quite a few other sketches that came out in that session and I’ll be working on them over the next few weeks and months and shoving them up here.

Chef snail illustration

For the moment though let’s just concentrate on this gastronomic gastropod. Whilst I was looking up potential recipes for Le Chef Snail to cook, I found this BBC report from 2004 about an almost unrecognisable fluffy haired Heston Blumenthal and his snail porridge. I thought I’d better leave that off the menu as this chef doesn’t resort to cannibalism (although you can get cannibal snails apparently). This chef will be sticking just to a dirty fry up with eggs, bacon, chops and black pudding. There’s probably even some baked beans to go in that pan.

Chef snail illustration

Above you can see a work in progress gif of how I stuck it together. As is my usual method I bang out a quick line sketch at the beginning then either scan it or take a picture with my phone, then quickly ink and colour in the rest*. For a better idea of how this works, watch this video of me drawing my Daft Punk illustration.

*I say quickly but can sometimes be weeks or months between doing the tedious colouring blocking bit in the middle worked out – I’ve got a stack of unfinished drawings on disk that are still stalled at that stage.

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