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Looking for a designer, illustrator or photographer?

What a coincidence. I’m a designer by day, illustrator and photographer by night based in York, North Yorkshire. I create character portrait illustrations for print and social media campaigns, illustrated gifts and private commissions.

I also work on everything from small business websites and magazines to print and digital engagement projects for multinational blue chip clients.

You can contact me at ed@edclews.com.

Commercial illustrations

“His eye-popping blend of insanity and sweetness reminds us of our favourite 90s cartoon that never existed.”

Vulture Magazine

“Ed’s one of those rare talents: whose mail shots you wish to frame, while immediately envying the work he’s doing for other clients. When you work with him, you realise he can nail a brief with wit and flair and on deadline and also be that other very wonderful and yet rare thing: a thoroughly nice chap to work with.”

Matt InwoodAbsolute Press

Commission an illustration for yourself

I work on both illustrations for commercial and private commissions. Please email me at ed@edclews.com about commercial work with what you would like to propose.

You can commission me to draw just about anything you like. I’ve created pictures featuring couples, families, pets and all sorts of things. Please note that I work in my specific illustration style only.

When you hire me I’ll walk you through the simple process of getting an illustration unique to you. Usually I just need a few photographs to start. If you have ideas or specific things that you want to incorporate we can work out how to fit them into the picture. I’ll then send you an initial sketch, you can make any tweaks or adjustments before signing it off then I’ll work on the full thing and send through a final for you to approve.

It’s then up to you how to have it printed, some people just prefer to have straight forward prints on a nice card, others have specific frames or go for a canvas print.

Please bear in mind that complicated pictures with large groups of people/objects cost more.


“Having seen Ed’s illustrations and loved the style, I asked him to come up with something for me to give my partner for Christmas. I wanted a spoof of a vintage film poster featuring my partner and our son, and gave Ed a photo to work from and a rough idea of the feel I wanted. What he came up with was brilliant, a proper likeness to my partner and son, but with enough of Ed’s unique style (the eyes! the eyes!) to make it funny. He’d added some touches of his own to the basic idea, and the whole thing looked great. It made a fantastic present and my partner loved it.”

Emily, Oxford

“I’d seen Ed’s work in the past and thought it was a perfect opportunity to have a bespoke piece of Ed’s of my own. After giving over a few photos of me and my girlfriend and a few minor tweaks later the finished piece was exactly what I imagined, now hanging in our room for all to see. Very pleased indeed!”

Jez, York