Farage Nightmare illustration by Ed Clews

Farage Nightmare

Here’s a quick picture of populist folk goblin and ne’er do well Nigel Farage on a bit of a gurn.

I based this on William Blake’s picture of Nebuchadnezzar. Blake’s biographer, Alexander Gilchrist said:

“[a] mad king crawling like a hunted beast into a den among the rocks; his tangled golden beard sweeping the ground, his nails like vultures’ talons, and his wild eyes full of sullen terror. The powerful frame is losing semblance of humanity, and is bestial in its rough growth of hair, reptile in the toad-like markings and spottings of the skin, which takes on unnatural hues of green, blue, and russet.”

Brian Sewell said of this version:

“He looks like he’s having a right mare.”

Paintings like Blakes lend themselves well to this sort of thing so I’m going to do a series of these. Stick a suggestion in the comments below.

Example of gif illustration

David Bowie reading Viz illustration gif

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